Chartered Professional Accountant

We can help you set up a manual or computerized accounting system that is cost effective and appropriate for your specific business. 

We can provide one-on-one training so that you can learn exactly how to keep track of your own busy transactions or we can do your bookkeeping for you. The choice is yours.  

Tax Preparation

Our associates will help you take advantage of every deduction that you are entitled to claim so that you don’t have to pay more than you should otherwise have to pay. 

 The team can assist you in making decisions that are appropriate for your situation, such as, the amount of timing of salary vs. dividends, whether or not to incorporate, income splitting choices, RRSP purchase decisions, and the list goes on and on.

Business Planning

Whether you are just getting into business, already in business or getting out of business, planning is a critical ingredient to the success of your business. 

Our experience, training, and insight will assist you in making decisions that are right for your situation.

Accounting & Auditing

We offer a variety of reporting options that can meet the needs and budgets of any business.
Let us help you decide what your level of reporting requirements are so that you receive the level of assurance appropriate for the users of your financial statements.

Financial Planning

It is always a good idea to contrast an accountant before you make any important investment, RRSP, retirement, or estate planning decisions. 

We can help you anticipate the tax consequences of different choices and often recommend options that you might not have considered. 

IThe Team is not trying to sell you any kind of investments, therefore you know that our advice is independent and in your best interest.

Electronic Filing

Our staff can electronically file your tax return on the internet in a secure manner. This ensures that your refund will come to you the fastest way possible.